Our hosted PBX solution receives inbound fax messages. Like voicemail, new faxes go straight to email as an attachment. Consequently, you can check your faxes on the go or print and store the files as you would with a traditional fax machine.

Dedicated Fax Numbers

Under our system, we recommend separating voice and fax traffic. A dedicated fax number is preferable because of its directness. When combined with other PBX features like voice menus, reaching the fax line becomes difficult. For example:

  • 1-800-Example -> Fax
  • 1-800-Example -> Voice Menu -> Extension -> Fax

Why Configure Fax-to-Email

Despite email’s popularity, people still fax documents. In fact, legal and financial organizations rely on fax for sending sensitive documents. The fax has years of reputable history, making it a trusted form of communication. It is also more accessible in countries where internet is not in every coffee shop and home.

Some prefer faxing because of its simplicity. Rather than scanning and uploading files, you just feed the paper into the machine and hit send. Whatever the reason for using fax, hosted PBX makes it easy to accommodate the technology. It’s a smart addition to any system at no extra cost.


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