Unlimited Toll Free in over 55 Countries

With a toll-free number, your business lets customers call in free. You cover their costs, eliminating any local or long-distance charges. Doing so improves the quality and range of your customer service.

Get a Toll-Free Number with Unlimited Inbound and Outbound Starting at $49/month

The first user on an unlimited toll-free account costs $49/month. This price includes the number itself as well unlimited outbound to over 60 countries. Additional users under this plan cost only $29/month. Regular users can still use the toll-free number but also receive a free local number of their own.

  • Free outbound to mobile and landline phones in over 60 countries
  • Flexible PBX system with drag-and-drop editor
  • Bring your own SIP device or softphone
  • Flexible call forwarding to landline and mobile phones
  • Free internal calling between users

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