Configuring Softphones for use with™

Softphones allow you to receive calls and to make outbound calls over the Internet from a computer or smart device. This piece of software acts as a phone interface, allowing you to dial numbers and carry out other phone related functions via a screen (such as a computer or smartphone) using your mouse, keypad or keyboard.

Softphone applications may be downloaded from a variety of providers, and are easily configured to become seamless and highly flexible components of your™ system.

A typical softphone application is X-Lite, which is available from CounterPath Corporation. Once you have downloaded this application, configuration for use with™ is as follows:

Using the™ graphical interface, open an existing Person object or add a new Person object. Add a Device contact method and enter the required configuration details until the screen Enter your device details is displayed. There are three preset fields (Username, Password and Server) that must be entered into your softphone's SIP account configuration in order to complete the communications between your softphone and™. These fields are easily copied from™ to your softphone by clicking on the required field on the™ configuration screen to copy the text to a clipboard, and then pasting that information to the appropriate field in your softphone settings. An example of a SIP configuration for an X-Lite softphone is shown below. Note that the configuration fields for the softphone may not have the same naming scheme as that of™. For example, the field Server in™ is named Domain in X-Lite.

Once this configuration process has been completed, your softphone will be connected to your™ system.

IMPORTANT - If this softphone is also to be used for outbound calling, then the Enable Outbound Calls option must be selected in the™ configuration screen shown above.

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